How to Add A New Blog Post To Your Divi Website

If your website uses the Divi builder then you can follow along with these steps to add new post content to your website.

  • Divi Builder
  • Access to your WordPress dashboard
How To Add A New Blog Posts To Your Divi Website

Step 1: Log Into Your Website

Log into your website to access the dashboard.

  1.  Navigate to POSTS in the left navigation.
  2.  Choose ADD NEW.
How To Add A New Blog Post in Divi

Step 2: Create Your Post

When using the Divi builder you have 2 options available for creating a new blog post.

1. Create your own layout with the Divi Builder.
2. Use a premade layout (see video for how to use premade layouts).


DESIGN FROM SCRATCH (no premade layouts):
Create Your Own Layout

1. Give your post a title in the “Add Title” section.
2. From the “Add New Post” page select the purple USE DIVI BUILDER button.
3. Push the gray ” + ” button to add a new content module such as an image, text, or video.


“Once you’re done adding content modules to your post it’s time to configure your post settings.


  1. PAGE LAYOUT – Choose either a Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, or No Sidebar for a full-width page.
  2. CATEGORY – Select a category for your post. If you don’t have categories you can create one by selecting ” + Add New Category “
  3. FEATURE IMAGE – In the right sidebar, find featured image” and select an image to use that will show up on your except blog posts landing page.


Now that you have a post title, content, and configured your post you are ready to either publish it so it’s visible to everyone or ‘save a draft’ and preview see your post! To view your post hit the “Preview Post” or “View Post” (it varies based on whether you saved a draft or published your post) link at the top.

SEO Pro Tips:


Optimize your Images!
Make sure to optimize your images! The biggest mistake people make is uploading massive images that take too long to load. Here are some free resources to help you make sure your images are web-ready:


Try to get your image as small as possible without losing quality, and size it for the space it’s going to go into:

Adobe Image Resizer:


To your eyeballs, there’s no difference between a large uncompressed image and a compressed one. However, on your website, it will cause performance issues and hog precious server space, which can cost you money and customers. Use tiny JPG to squeeze every byte you can out of your images. A good rule of thumb is to keep under 125kb (less is better) and use the right image format!

Use Tiny JPG to compress free!



How to Edit Your New Post

Great Work! You now have a post.

If you want to edit your post you have two options.

1. Go to ALL POSTS in the left navigation, find your post, and hover over the title until you see the “edit” button. Edit your post and hit the save button to make your changes.

2. Use the font end builder! Divi comes with an AMAZING front-end builder that allows you to edit your page from the front end of your website.


Here is a great tutorial on how to use the Divi front-end builder 😍

Hooray! You Now Know How To Add A New Blog Posts To Your Divi Website. I Hope This Helps Your Create And Edit Beautiful Pages and Posts in Divi.

Thanks for reading the article! If you have any questions or need help getting this set up send us an email 😀

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