The Reality:

You really should be using a personalized domain-based email address for your business.

The truth is free email services are super convenient (especially the free part), but you might not realize what your free email address is saying about your company to prospective customers. Below we break down 5 reasons why it is so important to have a company email address that uses your domain name.

Reason #1
Instant credibility

Anyone can make a free email address…and I mean anyone. They can even make one that looks just like your company email address if your email ends in or, etc. Free email services from companies like Google and Yahoo have no limit on how many accounts can be made and by whom.

First Impressions & Credibility

  1.  An email address (instead of or ensures potential customers get a positive impression of your brand (this is especially important if you’re selling higher-end products or services).
  2. Customers can trust replying to an email address that is from your domain email address because no one has access to create domain email addresses except you.
  3. Your business looks more established overall, especially if you consider you can use this address on your business cards to your marketing campaigns.
  4. An email address with your company domain is less likely to get caught in your customers spam folder, which is incredibly important especially if you’re marketing or advertising.

Reason #2
Brand uniformity

This one becomes really important especially as you grow your staff. A branded business email address creates brand uniformity so your staff isn’t emailing clients with a signature in ‘Comic Sans’ (no offense die-hard fans) or from email addresses like for appointments or reminders.

You need a business email address for brand consistency and recognizability.

Keep it consistent. A business email address and properly styled signature reiterate your branding every time you send an email.

Reason #3
A business email address markets your brand for you

When your branded email address appears in an email signature, on your business cards, in a newsletter, or across your social media accounts, it becomes a subtle opportunity to attract new business. Using a domain-based email address gets your brand in front of more eyeballs.

Reason #4
You can create multiple email addresses

Whether running a one-person operation or the equivalent of a small city, you can create a new email address for all sorts of different aliases such as sales, customer service, and orders, any address that you make can then be forwarded or assigned to an employee or manager.

These aliases can also help customers visually identify who they’re getting in touch with within your company, like It helps you know what an incoming email is regarding as well.

Reason #5
You’re in control of your information

As a business grows and people join your team (and unfortunately sometimes leave), you’ll likely want email addresses specifically for your employees. When people leave a company you likely don’t want them taking your business info (especially confidential) with them. Having your own domain-based email addresses gives you control over what happens to your company client lists and important correspondences.

Need Help Setting Up Your Own Domain-Based Email Address?

The importance of first impressions really can’t be overstated. If you need help getting set up with your own business branded, domain-based email address that delivers professionalism and confidence to your customers, reach out to our team today.

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