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Birdhouse Websites & Designs

We Build Beautiful Websites

At Birdhouse Websites & Designs, it’s our goal to take the pain out of planning, designing, building, and deploying your next website. We’re a one-stop-shop that offers an array of web services without the price of paying agency overhead costs. Our services will save you time and money by eliminating the need to hire multiple specialists to accomplish your website creation goals. Here is the short list of what we can do for your business:

  • Web Development
  • Fully Customized Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo & Asset Creation
  • eCommerce & Online Sales
  • Website Facelifts & Upgrades
  • Responsive / Mobile Design
  • SharePoint & WordPress Platforms!
Birdhouse Websites & Designs
  • SEO & Content Management
  • Analytics tracking
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Fliers & Promotions
  • Live Blogs
  • Social Media Solutions
Birdhouse Websites & Designs
  • Security & Maintenance
  • Site Maintenance & Updates
  • Monthly Backup & Restore Services
  • Domains & Server Setup
  • Conception to Launch Support
  • Post Launch Support
  • Seucrity & Virus Monitoring
  • Malware & Virus Cleanup
  • Migrations & Transfers
Birdhouse Websites & Designs
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Customized Websites

Whether you're looking for something to get you started, or building your digital storefront, we have you covered.

Search Engine Optimized

We make sure every website is configured with effective metadata, title tags, key words, and more, to optimize your presense on the web.

Tons of Amazing Options

We build beautiful websites and can customize within many platforms like WordPress and SharePoint.

Web Design Marketing

If you want to increase traffic and be seen all around the internet, we will list you with places like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (to name a few).

Our Expertise

  • Website Development
  • WordPress
  • SharePoint Branding
  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Stores (eCommerce)

Our Custom Websites

Abisha Uhl

Html, XSLT, HTML, CSS, Responsive, Mobile optimized

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Mn Twins

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Longevity Studio

Gyrotonics and Pilates

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Farm Credit Foundations

SharePoint 2013, on Premise or OS365, Fully Customized, Responsive, Mobile optimized

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Kenneth M. Wasche

Kenneth M Wasche Attorney at Law - WordPress, SEO Optimization, Fully Customized, Responsive

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Hardcore Fishing Guild

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